The Courageous Centre for Liberation Theologies’ Tree in Leuven

In the inner yard of our Faculty of Theology in Leuven there are several trees, the smallest of which has been planted by the Centre for Liberation Theologies as a living sacrament of its desire to commit to a world suffering from human induced climate change and its consequences for the earth and, in particular, also for the weakest and most vulnerable of its human inhabitants. It is a courageous tree … it has had to struggle for its survival and I find it extremely inspiring, particularly when I lose courage myself.

So, I suggested to my students to go and hug or speak to this nice tree, as a fellow creature, to show how much we appreciate it and how grateful we are for all the trees and the earth are doing to sustain us … Is this not one of the most touching and tangible tokens of God’s providence?

Many of us find it difficult to hug trees or to speak to a stone … but I keep wondering whether we would not be different theologians and philosophers if we would do a bit more of this …


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