“Time” on the Climate e-mail Controversy

In its latest issue, Time magazine presents a “Spotlight” on the climate e-mail controversy, claiming that “Climate change advocates are right on the science – but skeptics may be right on the politics”. Obviously, there is a strong political lobby in the USA to downplay the importance of the climate change crisis – Mss. Sarah Palin being a good example. On 100 US citizens, so claims Time, only 46% are convinced that the climate change crisis is a real problem. 36% see no problem. 18% are not sure. This is very worrying, given that the number one country on the list of those who have to act urgently and decisively, is the USA. Why are the numbers what they are? Is it because people are not sufficiently informed? Is it because vested economic and financial interest try to misinform them? Is it because they are not capable to face the gravity of the situation and the consequences for their lifestyles? In the USA, this certainly is a major political issue.

By the way, why do so many people and periodicals always refer to the inhabitants of the USA as Americans. They are, of course, Americans, but not all Americans are US citizens …


One response to ““Time” on the Climate e-mail Controversy

  1. Stefaan Hublou Solfrian

    Dag Jacques,

    I found out that you are participating in Kopenhagen in our UPIC mass today. Great.

    To answer, your remark: it would not be the first time that people are unable to see it come, when a real crisis is there. I think of what Hannah Arendt concluded, (in Verantwoordelijkheid en oordeel) about the Vatican not being able to see the Nazi’s and their evil ways as a reality…
    Sadly enough, I think the problem of not being in contact with real life like it is lived by many lay people is today still a great problem for clerics. One of the reasons being that priests do not have families of their own.
    But I am pleased that you are in Kopenhagen, and that Pope Benedict has become more and more a Green Pope. My own personal contribution, I make it since thirty years. I predicted that society had to change to renewable energies as a pupil in high school, back in ’79; I based my analysis on popular science magazines like National Geographic…
    Last wednesday, the 9th, my message on “Groen geloof” – Green Relgion, has been published as letter of the day in De Standaard. I refer to our cardinal editing a booklet on the topic last christmas, and to netwerk rechtvaardigheid en vrede, and to an iconic figure as St. Francis. We need the religious zeal to take over in ecology matters! Al Gore is an example. Like Rachel Carson has been, and Arne Naess…

    Keep up the good work, I will keep visiting your blog, Groeten uit Leuven,
    Stefaan Hublou Solfrian

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