A Few References on the Occasion of COP15 in Copenhagen

I encountered two interesting references on the occasion of COP15 in Copenhagen.

Riccardo Petrella comments in the Dec 2009 issue of Le Monde Diplomatique on two obstacles on the road to Copenhagen. The fact that the planet and its natural resources have been increasingly perceived from a consumption mentality, invites us to address the climate and environmental crisis from a mere economical viewpoint and in terms of the logic of the markets. If people expect an agreement in Copenhagen, it seems to be on these terms. Is that enough and does that really provide a solution? Petrella’s second obstacle concerns the attitude of the United States of America, which will be crucial to move other countries into action – there is a historical responsibility there for the US and its president Obama. Will they meet the challenge? Le Monde Diplomatique has prepared some extensive webpages on climate change and the Copenhagen challenges.

The Dec 14, 2009 editorial of America also emphasizes the important role that can be played by the USA and stresses the important connection between climate change challenges and global justice and poverty issues.


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