Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony Collapse Disorder is a frightening pheonomen taking place in the USA, but apparently also spreading to Europe and other parts of the world. I quote a recent BBC-World article: “Accross the Atlantic US honey bees are being wiped out in vast numbers by a mysterious condition that leaves hives deserted”. The exact causes of CCD are as yet unknown and that is all the more disturbing, as bees are primary actors in processes of polinization, crucial to the growing of our food. This is certainly something to know about and to follow-up, but there is more.

I was listening to a radio report on the issue this morning and to my great surprise the seriousness of the issue was measured in terms of money losses to the US and the world economy. No mention at all was made of the fact that CCD may add to the already existing worldwide food problems, that it may mean (at least) serious hardship to many people, particularly poor people. We measure losses in dollars or euros … do we forget about human lives?


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