Sub-prime canoeing

The Lesse is a well-known river in southern Belgium, a chosen place for canoeing. Canoes are rented out by some enterprises along the river. This morning there was a news item on the radio that about 30 unexperienced people had to be rescued: they were canoeing while the river was too wild. The claim of the commander of the rescuers was that the enterprises renting out the canoes had been doing this although they knew that the river was dangerous. In my personal opinion, these enterprises allowing for what I would call “sub-prime canoeing” (in view of some practices on house markets), bear heavy responsibility for what happened.

What the heck is motivating some people to allow others to run into danger, with consequences not only for these others, but also for our societies in a larger context? What can be done to avoid such sub-prime practices?


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