International politics and global climate changes … concerns

Two newsitems on the BBC webpages make me very concerned about how international politics evolve with regard to the challenges of global climate changes. Under the title US ‘opposes’ G8 climate proposals, the BBC refers to the coming June 6-8, 2007, G8 meeting in Heiligendamm (Germany), where Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel, who presides the G8 meeting, will make proposals for action on climate change. A draft proposal with criticism added by the US administration has been leaked by Greenpeace (although it does not as yet appear on their WebSite, another newsitem is being given by Reuters, and a very interesting post on the Greenpeace Blog Site): the USA seems to be isolating itself more and more on how to tackle global warming, although opposition within the USA is growing.

The US Government attitude towards human caused global warming and the global action necessary to address it – sometimes even putting into doubt this very human responsibility, thereby continuing the unsustainable neo-liberal capitalist growth utopia’s -, increasingly test the patience of an increasingly growing number of people (also in the USA). Addressing the US governement attitude is a complex issue: on the one side one needs to over and over again painfully refer to the IPCC reports as reliable information, on another side one also needs to analyse the international political, developmental and economic power games that structure and condition global discussions on sustainability, on still another side one has to answer fears of people to change their lifestyles as well as angers from others where they are left contemplating why develomental strategies that have brought wealth to some countries would be barred to them. What are the interests and concerns at stake, developmental, social, life style wise, political, spiritual, … in the various global actors? Some people are increasingly loosing their patience and will consider US Government attitudes to be “criminal” (Greenpeace Director John Sauven), as there is no time to lose anymore.


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