Azul oscuro casi negro

I went to see Daniel Sánchez Arévalo’s movie “azul oscuro casi negro“. The plot is twisted and leads to a tragi-comedy, with a great sense of humor and deep sensitivity for human experiences and feeldings. One of the very beautiful passages is when Paula explains to Jorge why she has come to love him beyond the agreement that he would render her pregnant so as that her prison life might be improved: “you gently allow that I become tender, that I experience tenderness”. The deep compassionate attitude of the whole movie is revealed here: how people can awaken tenderness in others and, in doing so, allow the best of them to blossom open. Relating in such a way that tenderness is engendered in others to that they grow in humanity, is a form of compassion, because it recognizes the gentle human qualities of the other and stimulates those. Movies like this make one a better human being.


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